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General Gunter Grass

General Gunter Grass has served in the army of the Prussian Empire for twenty years, and as such, has just about seen it all. He has served in all infantry regiments, and has even done a stint in the Feldjager, or military police.

He is currently serving as commander of the Prussian Empire’s Ekk Korps, a regiment of Panzergrenadier (mechanized infantry) that has extensive desert combat experience. The Ekk Korps are currently based in Aegyptus, as the Prussian Empire desires to get their mitts on some of the Pharaoh’s treasures before Blighty does (cue Indiana Jones-esque plot devices here). The current Pharaoh, Cleopatra, is not keen on his presence in her country, but without a decent army, there is not a lot she can do about it. She will just have to hope that the few MI7 agents from Blighty, and ASAG, can do something about it for her.

Chaingun Faeries

Chaingun Faeries are rare mythological creatures found all over Pekab (on the rare occasions that they are found, that is) that always come in threes – there is a rule about Faeries always coming in threes (see Disney’s Sleeping Beauty for an example of this). Two will always have bright green transparent chainguns while the third, acting as squad leader, will have a pink wand which strangely can either fire a short burst of energy or be welded like a short blade (acting as both a pistol and a knife, essentially). Some have been hired by various Secret Police forces in the countries of Ekk for riot control (they don’t mess around there).