The Soviet Rusk Republic

The Principality of Rusk was a feudal monarchy until a little revolution happened there, led by the charismatic Alexander Lemon. The Tsar and his whole family were executed in a bloody Coup d’Etat and a new form of government installed along Dirty Commie* lines. This region of Nord is also infamous for werewolves, vampires, zombies, and mad scientists.

*Note: Dirty Commies are not to be confused with Socialists, a mistake so often made by Americans and the ignorant. While Socialists believe in a more egalitarian society where capital is enslaved to the will and the needs of the people, Dirty Commies just pose as Socialists in order to gain power and then set up a Corporatist Autocracy disguised as a Soviet State. Dirty Commies are usually funded in secret by major banking families and vampire counts alike.

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