The Prussian Empire

Hero of the Prussian Empire, General Gunter Grass, with a squad of Waldhuter.

The Prussian Empire is found on the south east coast of Nord, and consists of several small Germanic nation states that have a federal alliance with Greater Prussia and her Emperor. Greater Prussia is a Constitutional Monarchy, with an elected government of the people but the Emperor, as head of state, has the same powers as a President would have in any republic. The Satellite States which make up the rest of the Prussian Empire have various forms of government which are mostly democratic in nature.

The Prussian Empire Army is made up of distinct unit types, and the soldiers are drawn from all over the Empire into mixed sex units and regiments without regional ties. This is so that the army serves the interests of the Prussian Empire as a whole, and not just for the satellite states.


General Gunter Grass


Von Braun


Waldhuter [Rangers / Scouts]

Jagerkorps [Infantry]

Feldjäger [Military Police]

Panzergrenadier [Mechanized Infantry]

Panzerjager [Tank Hunters]

Panzersoldaten [Tank Crews]

Sturmpanzer [Heavy Tank Crews]

Editors Note: The idea behind the Prussian Empire is to do an alternative history army based loosely around the Army of WWII Germany without all that nasty Nazi stuff. Enough said…

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