One of the many small island nations is Blighty, which is just off the south coast of Nord. The weather is temperate, having dry cold winters with some snow, mild and wet springs and autumns, and occasionally sunny summers. The old monarchy were forcefully retired from office some years back, and Blighty is now run by a Council of Elders.

One such member of the Council of Elders is The Judge. He has the Ministry of Justice under his auspices, but he has been known to send Grunge Smith on missions for the Republic.

Captain Lewinski is your average beat cop made officer without his consent. He hates the authority he now has as the Chief of Police for his precinct, and he longs to be back on the beat again: beating the shit out of suspects, taking bribes from journalists, and ignoring any malfeasance in government – exactly what a good Blighty cop should be doing.

The Secret Service of Blighty is knowns as MI7.

The Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild has their main compound in Blighty.

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