Ashan Caliphate

The Ashan Caliphate is found on the western ‘tip’ of Ekk, and is an ancient kingdom which has not embraced modernity. Modern technology is not so much forbidden as generally distrusted and not used to any great extent. Horseback and camel are the main forms of transport, with only a very few motor vehicles being present – usually owned by foreign visitors and dignitaries to the caliphate. It is ruled by the Caliph Teispes, a young Caliph who has a keen sense of tradition. To call Teispes a Luddite would be grossly unfair, as he was educated in some of the best private schools and universities found in Blighty, and is perfectly familiar with all modern technologies. It is more accurate to say that he considers the disadvantages of modern technology far outweigh the perceived benefits, and certain things, like firearms, one could well do without.

Despite the lack of more modern technology, the Ashan Caliphate are by no means backwards. Their standard of medical care is as high as that found in any Nord nation-state, and their farming methods are the envy of other regions of Ekk. The south of the country is rich and verdant, and the Ashan Caliphate are able to export vast quantities of food to other, more impoverished, regions of Ekk. The north of the country gives way to savannah then to mountainous deserts, which forms a natural defensive border around the caliphate.

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