Pekab is a type 1 planet much like Earth, but with most of the shitty bits taken out. It has three main landmasses surrounded by wild oceans and many groups of islands and atolls. The creator of this planet didn’t think too much in terms of usual geography, but this is the Brikverse, right? Right. Just so that you know…

The three continents are Nord in the north, Ekk in the east, and Amazonia in the west. To the south is just a polar ice cap. It has not been explored yet, so we have no idea if there is land beneath it, or not. It’s bloody cold down there, colder than it is up in Nord. Rumours abound that it is a region of pure Khaos, but the more sane (or boring) think that this is just an old wives’ tale.


The Teknology of Pekab is somewhat eclectic, mixing Steam Punk and Diesel Punk elements in with some advanced weaponry (comparable to today). The minifigs of Pekab have not ventured into space yet, but rumour has it that the SteamPunk Twins are working on a SHIP. This is all very hush hush right now, but the end result is bound to be a little unusual and very, very baroque…

For ease of use in BrikWars, one can surmise that Pekab is a Tek 4 planet.


Pekab is split between several small nations, principalities, and Anarchist Free States. Most of these are no larger than a few well placed cities and their surrounding countryside. Where there are governments (Anarchist Free States naturally being excluded), they cover the whole gamut of modes of governance, from Constitutional Democracies to militarised police states, and everything in between. Despite all these various methods of governance, or forms of government, no one has found one that actually works yet…

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