Al Ekk News


Al Ekk News broadcasts mostly to Ekk and Nord, with some sporadic coverage reaching Amazonia. Various governments in the first two continents tend to tolerate Al Ekk News fairly well, but the governments on the third continent are less tolerant, and a little paranoid if the truth was to be told about them – hence the sporadic coverage over Amazonia. It is predominantly a news broadcaster, although one sub-channel is devoted to documentaries that were either made in the R1,970’s, or just look like they were. In fact, much of the station’s graphics look like they were designed by 70’s rejects. Maybe it’s all that crappy burnt orange everywhere?

Current Affairs

Al Ekk News is known for risking all to get the story, including being in the most dangerous places known to Minifig Kind. Journalists working for Al Ekk News have their health insurance paid for by the Caliph, as insurance rates are prohibitively expensive.

Case Study: The Great Mummie Massacre of R2012

The Great Mummie Massacre of R2,012 occurred in Aegyptus towards the end of the year when various mummies, Horus Headed Gods, and other desert denizens held riotous protests against explorers raiding their tombs for loot. Al Ekk journalists were on the spot when the TCU’s Secret Police sent in the Chaingun Faeries to massacre the lot of them. What the TCU were doing active in Aegyptus is anybody’s guess, though…

Society News

Al Ekk News covers a wide variety of topics, both serious, and not so serious.

Case Study: Dance Crazes

During the start of R2013, a new dance craze swept the continents of Ekk and Nord. Al Ekk News gave it more airtime than perhaps they should have done, all considering.


Al Ekk News has often courted controversy, especially when covering High Society, Celebrities, and their various antisocial antics.

Case Study: The Crown Prince of the Caliphate of Urk, the Cheerleader, and the female press photographer.

Al Ekk was almost taken off air by the Caliph when they showed pictures of his son, the Crown Prince, in a very embarrassing situation with a cheerleader.

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    ah yes, steampunk, the mosted hated thing on the brikwars forums other then people who outsmart rayhawk at his own game(like me, and because of that, he banned me form his forum)

    keep up the good work young man,

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