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The World of Pekab is now licensed under Creative Commons

I have decided to license the World of Pekab under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means that you may take, alter, share any of the material that I have created so long as it remains under the same license, and so long as it is not for commercial purposes, under license from me. I still hold the copyright over this material, and it is still protected under the Berne Conventions on copyright.

All other copyrights and trademarks held by Mike Rayhawk (BrikWars), the Lego Group, Brickarms, etc are not effected in any way, shape or form whatsoever. They are still held by the respective copyright holder, and are still subject to any licensing arrangements that these entities may wish to release their work under.

Modifications, Alterations, and general news stuff…

As you can see, I have heavily altered the army list for ASAG (Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild) and dropped two whole squads out of it. Also, both Anne Casey’s and Clint’s squads have been altered. Caesar has moved to Anne’s squad and Clint’s squad has been reduced to four while I change a figure around and create a new card for him. This is to free up minifigs, get rid of those God-awful quads, and assign certain minifigs to the Prussian Empire force I am currently trying to build up. I have received the truck and jeep set from Lego Indiana Jones and am awaiting the motorcycle set from the same series (The Last Crusade). You can still find Lego Indiana Jones sets on ebay for reasonable prices if you look hard enough. I am also waiting for the Lego minifig of Irina from The Crystal Skull to arrive in the post.

I will also be doing a Bricklink order via for tan Stahlhelms, MP40’s, MG34’s, an Afrika Korps Lieutenant, and various other bits and pieces towards the middle of the month. The plan is for “Irina” to become a sidecar gunner with a MG32 with an Afrika Korps driver from Indiana Jones, another IJ German to ride the other bike, the Afrika Korps Lieutenant to ride the back of the “jeep” with its gun being replaced by another MG34 (the original Lego one is pretty crap), and make up a motorized “Afrika Korps” type squad or two out of this.

MI7 now numbers 8 minifigs, and they will all be written up in due course.

I have also been collecting the Mining range from Lego City, and that will be a new faction in the not too distant future. I have put together a small defence force for it, including a hero and driver in a MOC muscle car based loosely on the sports car from Pharaoh’s Quest.

Another faction I am working on is an Aegyptian Army based on the Pharaoh’s Quest sets. I have recently obtained Cleopatra from the Minifig Series, and she will be the hero for that faction. I could do with many more mummies and some of those Anubis Guard to add to that force…

Changes to the World of Pekab

As you may have noticed, some articles have been ‘disappearing’ from the front page. This is because I am moving certain things into pages for ease of navigation within the site.

You will find that both “Pekab” (world information articles) and “Organisations” are nested pages, with links to articles where appropriate, while “Bestiary” and “Homebrew” are a single page with links to the relevant articles. This two-tier system might seem illogical at first, but it makes perfect sense once you get used to it.

I should have done this from the beginning, but I had no idea how big it was likely to get.

Welcome to the World of Pekab

Across the Great Beige Carpet of BrikVerse Space, in a little known corner of a galaxy far, far away on someone’s bedroom carpet, is a small world of tombs, jungles, deserts and adventurers with more gusto than sense. This world is known as Pekab. From its verdant jungles to its barren deserts, from its nu-Victorian towns and stinking diesel-soaked cities, Pekab is a world of adventures trapped in the mind of all ten year old boys alike – well, in the mind of this once ten year old boy, anyhow.

A world like this needs heroes and adventurers, villains and monsters in order to justify its existence outside of “just because”. Enter the Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild, and their intrepid leader, Grunge Smith.

This is a setting for BrikWars™, a brick-toy based table-top wargame of sheer bloody mayhem. The rules are free, all you need to do is supply the Lego/MegaBlocks, some dice and plenty of imagination.

The Legal Bit:

BrikWars is copyright ©1995-2013 Mike Rayhawk. For more information and the complete rules, please visit

General Notes:

Most of my work on this project is done on a super-sekret wiki, as I find it an easier way to organise my thoughts and get things right before I publish them. Therefore, anything you see posted here may, or may not be, final. I might change stuff around, retire factions / units / squads, or decide to go off in a totally different direction.

The setting of Pekab can best be described as Alternative Earth, but with all the boring bits taken out. The Genre is kind of SteamPunk / DieselPunk mix, with some modern technology included, mostly in the form of weapons. For those who insist on using Tek Levels, Pekab would count as a Tek Level 4 world.

That’s all you getting by way of an introduction. Enjoy, and let me know if you use anything or how you use it. I would be interested in gaining feedback from people who have played BrikWars games set on Pekab.