The World of Pekab is a setting for BrikWars, the game of building brick toy combat.

The Legal Bit:

BrikWars is copyright ©1995-2013 Mike Rayhawk. For more information and the complete rules, please visit http://www.brikwars.com.


Obviously the first resource is the BrikWars game itself. See the legal bit above for link.

The Lego Company’s main web site is at www.lego.com. Most of the minifigs and other bits are predominantly from the following set series: Indiana Jones, Pharaoh’s Quest, Adventurers, Monster Hunters, and Minifig Series 1 through to 9.

BrickArms is an American company that manufactures weapons and other equipment which are compatible with Lego and similar toys, including Megabloks. Their web site may be found at www.brickarms.com.

BrickWarriors is another company in a similar vein to BrickArms. Their web address is http://www.brickwarriors.com/Default.aspx.

Minifigforlife are a UK company that imports BrickArms goods into the UK. Their main web address is http://www.minifigforlife.com/theprostore/main.php. They also have a BrickLink store at http://www.bricklink.com/store.asp?p=Wattsa. This company comes highly recommended by myself.

BrickLink is your one stop shop for all sorts of Lego parts and minifigs. If you cannot find it there, then I would be very much surprised indeed. Their web address is http://www.bricklink.com/.

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