The Prussian Empire’s army fields several kinds of units, depending on tactical and strategic purposes. One such unit is the Waldhuter, or Rangers.

Waldhuter are essentially a light infantry unit comprising of lightly armed and fast moving troops to gain objectives in the early stages of any campaign. Sometimes Scouts are added to the unit for deep insertion roles.

Waldhuter Unteroffizier

Each Waldhuter squad should have one Unteroffizier with which to lead it. Even though they tend to operate in loose formation, they do, on occasions, combine themselves into tight rank-and-file squads. The Unteroffizier’s Leadership skill comes into play when using tight squad formations.

Waldhuter Soldat

The Waldhunter Soldat is your standard squad member, and is lightly armed. They tend to get killed in droves so there is no point spending too much on weaponry and equipment.

Waldhuter Panzeerfaust

The Panzerfaust is a specialist in many Prussian Empire regiments, and as such, is well represented within the Waldhuter. He (or she) is armed with a Panzerfaust anti-tank missile launcher and five rockets.

Squadron Formation

One in five Waldhuter are trained up as Panzerfaust, and this is represented throughout all squadrons, no matter what their size. So a squad of five Waldhuter will have one Panzerfaust, a squad of ten will have two Panzerfaust, and so on. The only exception to this is a three-man deep insertion unit, made up of Waldhuter Scouts. This kind of unit usually comprises of two Panzerfaust and an Unteroffizier. All three members of a Waldhuter Scout squad will be armed with MP40’s as well as their usual armament.

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