Modifications, Alterations, and general news stuff…

As you can see, I have heavily altered the army list for ASAG (Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild) and dropped two whole squads out of it. Also, both Anne Casey’s and Clint’s squads have been altered. Caesar has moved to Anne’s squad and Clint’s squad has been reduced to four while I change a figure around and create a new card for him. This is to free up minifigs, get rid of those God-awful quads, and assign certain minifigs to the Prussian Empire force I am currently trying to build up. I have received the truck and jeep set from Lego Indiana Jones and am awaiting the motorcycle set from the same series (The Last Crusade). You can still find Lego Indiana Jones sets on ebay for reasonable prices if you look hard enough. I am also waiting for the Lego minifig of Irina from The Crystal Skull to arrive in the post.

I will also be doing a Bricklink order via for tan Stahlhelms, MP40’s, MG34’s, an Afrika Korps Lieutenant, and various other bits and pieces towards the middle of the month. The plan is for “Irina” to become a sidecar gunner with a MG32 with an Afrika Korps driver from Indiana Jones, another IJ German to ride the other bike, the Afrika Korps Lieutenant to ride the back of the “jeep” with its gun being replaced by another MG34 (the original Lego one is pretty crap), and make up a motorized “Afrika Korps” type squad or two out of this.

MI7 now numbers 8 minifigs, and they will all be written up in due course.

I have also been collecting the Mining range from Lego City, and that will be a new faction in the not too distant future. I have put together a small defence force for it, including a hero and driver in a MOC muscle car based loosely on the sports car from Pharaoh’s Quest.

Another faction I am working on is an Aegyptian Army based on the Pharaoh’s Quest sets. I have recently obtained Cleopatra from the Minifig Series, and she will be the hero for that faction. I could do with many more mummies and some of those Anubis Guard to add to that force…

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