Welcome to the World of Pekab

Across the Great Beige Carpet of BrikVerse Space, in a little known corner of a galaxy far, far away on someone’s bedroom carpet, is a small world of tombs, jungles, deserts and adventurers with more gusto than sense. This world is known as Pekab. From its verdant jungles to its barren deserts, from its nu-Victorian towns and stinking diesel-soaked cities, Pekab is a world of adventures trapped in the mind of all ten year old boys alike – well, in the mind of this once ten year old boy, anyhow.

A world like this needs heroes and adventurers, villains and monsters in order to justify its existence outside of “just because”. Enter the Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild, and their intrepid leader, Grunge Smith.

This is a setting for BrikWars™, a brick-toy based table-top wargame of sheer bloody mayhem. The rules are free, all you need to do is supply the Lego/MegaBlocks, some dice and plenty of imagination.

The Legal Bit:

BrikWars is copyright ©1995-2013 Mike Rayhawk. For more information and the complete rules, please visit http://www.brikwars.com.

General Notes:

Most of my work on this project is done on a super-sekret wiki, as I find it an easier way to organise my thoughts and get things right before I publish them. Therefore, anything you see posted here may, or may not be, final. I might change stuff around, retire factions / units / squads, or decide to go off in a totally different direction.

The setting of Pekab can best be described as Alternative Earth, but with all the boring bits taken out. The Genre is kind of SteamPunk / DieselPunk mix, with some modern technology included, mostly in the form of weapons. For those who insist on using Tek Levels, Pekab would count as a Tek Level 4 world.

That’s all you getting by way of an introduction. Enjoy, and let me know if you use anything or how you use it. I would be interested in gaining feedback from people who have played BrikWars games set on Pekab.

About Philip K. Brennan

Philip Brennan is a writer of articles and essays on a wide variety of subjects, as well as poetry. His articles and essays are usually political in nature, and he specialises in exposing corruption in high places. Philip Brennan resides somewhere in the south of England, in the region he refers to as the Kingdom of Chalk. View all posts by Philip K. Brennan

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