Chaingun Faeries

Chaingun Faeries are rare mythological creatures found all over Pekab (on the rare occasions that they are found, that is) that always come in threes – there is a rule about Faeries always coming in threes (see Disney’s Sleeping Beauty for an example of this). Two will always have bright green transparent chainguns while the third, acting as squad leader, will have a pink wand which strangely can either fire a short burst of energy or be welded like a short blade (acting as both a pistol and a knife, essentially). Some have been hired by various Secret Police forces in the countries of Ekk for riot control (they don’t mess around there).

About Philip K. Brennan

Philip Brennan is a writer of articles and essays on a wide variety of subjects, as well as poetry. His articles and essays are usually political in nature, and he specialises in exposing corruption in high places. Philip Brennan resides somewhere in the south of England, in the region he refers to as the Kingdom of Chalk. View all posts by Philip K. Brennan

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