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Evie’s Squad (RMRS)


Evie is unkempt, unshaven, and a bit of a speed freak. He is also the best thing you have seen on two wheels. Evie is often tanked up on coffee, and is terrible at getting up in the mornings.

Evie now heads up the first Rapid Motorised Reaction Squad.


Natalia recently got hired by the Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild on the recommendation of Evie. His colleagues are unsure whether it was because of her coffee, or because of her ability with explosives. Natalia, for her part, keeps quiet about this. She has her eye on Evie – now if only he would shower a bit more often…


Yvonne is not one to be underestimated at all – smart, sassy, and very very tough. She has been on the saddle of bikes, trikes and quads since she was knee-high to a halfling, and there isn’t a Steel Horse that she cannot handle.

Smith Senior

Smith Senior is Grunge Smith’s father, a curmudgeonly old explorer who still has plenty of life left within him.


Ian is a hot-headed young punk who seems to think that his trike is a mobile weapons platform. After strapping an M1919 to the back few would now argue with his insistence that it is.

Changes to the World of Pekab

As you may have noticed, some articles have been ‘disappearing’ from the front page. This is because I am moving certain things into pages for ease of navigation within the site.

You will find that both “Pekab” (world information articles) and “Organisations” are nested pages, with links to articles where appropriate, while “Bestiary” and “Homebrew” are a single page with links to the relevant articles. This two-tier system might seem illogical at first, but it makes perfect sense once you get used to it.

I should have done this from the beginning, but I had no idea how big it was likely to get.

Basildon Bond’s Spy Briefcase

Base cost: 2 CP PLUS usual costs for whatever you put in it.

It has to be something that a minifig will reasonably be able to carry in his or her hands – no vehicles allowed. Just general weapons and small handheld items.

Use: 4

Searching the case for a specific item that the player has put into the case and paid the CP for is a whole action. The minifig spends a whole action searching the case for a specific named item.

1 – critical failure: The case breaks and all the contents are spilled around it in a 2″ radius. The case is FUBAR, and anyone nearby may pick up items as they are on the ground and free for the taking. This includes minifigs of opposing players if they are close enough.

2-3 – failure: The minifig fails to find what they are looking for. Better luck next turn.

4+ – success: The minifig finds what they are looking for and can equip themselves with it, ready for their next turn.

Critical Success [natural 6 on a d6, natural 8 on a d8, natural 10 on a d10, etc]: The item is found so rapidly that it does not take up an action and the minifig can use it immediately as if they already had it in their hands.

A minifig with a “Basildon Bond’s Spy Briefcase” can also put any hand-sized objects they come across into the case. Retrieving them again is done through the usual dice roll.

Size limits: Anything that is listed in the rules as a standard weapon or piece of equipment in the “Mighty Minifig” section of the rules can be put into the case. Anything that is made through the creation rules. including larger weapons, are considered too big to put into the case.

In theory one can have a whole arsenal within the case of standard weapons, armour, and other bits of assorted equipment. Tardis Theory is in play here, within the limitations set out above.

Sharp Shooter

Base Cost: 6CP

Skill: 1d8
Move: 5″
Armour: 4

Specialities: Measured Shot.

When using a standard rifle with a fitted scope, the Sharp Shooter can add 50% effective range to a standard rifle so long as the minifig does not move that turn. Otherwise, the Sharp Shooter will get the standard range out of the rifle if they move on the same turn as firing.

Scopes cost 2CP each, and cannot be swapped between weapons in game.

The Mediks – Malcolm and Mandy


Malcolm flunked medikal school, but who cares, right? It’s not as if the minifigs have that much chance of survival anyhow…


Partnered with Malcolm, she is the opium to his open-heart surgery.

Jean the Mechanik

Jean is a happy-go-lucky chain-smoking union guy who somehow found himself in the employ of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild without even realising it. One day he was doing the occasional repair for them, the next he was setting up a workshop within their compound somewhere in Blighty. The fact that the Mafia had burned his last place down kind of consolidated things for him a bit.

Chaingun Faeries

Chaingun Faeries are rare mythological creatures found all over Pekab (on the rare occasions that they are found, that is) that always come in threes – there is a rule about Faeries always coming in threes (see Disney’s Sleeping Beauty for an example of this). Two will always have bright green transparent chainguns while the third, acting as squad leader, will have a pink wand which strangely can either fire a short burst of energy or be welded like a short blade (acting as both a pistol and a knife, essentially). Some have been hired by various Secret Police forces in the countries of Ekk for riot control (they don’t mess around there).

The SteamPunk Twins

Bob and Rob hail from one of the many islands off the south coast of Nord, and were born into a rich family with little genetic variance – hence why both their names are diminutives of “Robert” – their mother was not too smart on the naming front. In fact, their mother was not particularly smart at all, but that is another matter entirely. Twins were not unusual in their family line. What is unusual is the fact that these twins were born with far higher than average intelligence when most twins born into the family are blathering idiots.

The SteamPunk Twins, as they later became known as, soon showed a natural aptitude for the sciences, both conventional and esoteric. They also soon became interested in dealing with all the creatures that preyed upon the villages and livestock surrounding their ancestral home, from vampires to werewolves, zombies to the various creations of mad scientists. This soon put them in conflict with the rest of their extended family, especially after that incident with Uncle Wolfie and that field full of sheep.

By the time they reached their early twenties, they found their position within the ancestral home untenable, and they packed up their many things into trunks and decided to pursue a life of adventure – one that did not include killing family members several times who just so happened to be vampires. Within a few short years they found themselves under the employ of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild, and have been there ever since.

The Red Brigade

The Red Brigade is made up of Grunge Smith, Mike, The Kid, Kate, Alan and Edwardo. Between them they have three dark red vehicles, and are the motorised core of ASAG.

Grunge Smith

Grunge is the leader-they-don’t-have of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild. He is a heroic character, which means that despite his brains he still gets into trouble, and his love life is both varied and troublesome.

When he isn’t raiding tombs and avoiding countless assaults by egotistical Prussians, Grunge is often found doing everything he can to avoid snakes. He hates snakes (they are not that keen on him, either, but no one asks the bloody snakes what they think…).


Mike is an experienced driver and adventurer, and is employed as Grunge Smith’s personal driver within the Red Brigade. He has been in the Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild for some years now.

Grunge Smith’s Sports Car

Grunge Smith rides around in a shiny red sports car, which is driven by Mike.

The Kid

The Kid is the son of Grunge Smith and Miriam, and has always grown up within the Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild. It was only natural that eventually he’d follow in his parent’s footsteps and become an adventurer. Just as his dad has a thing for whips, so has he a thing for knives and other bladed weapons. He is currently “dating” Kate, the gunner on his truck, although “dating” is a rather polite way to put things…


Kate joined ASAG not too long ago, but already, she has shown herself to be an accomplished gunner and all-round team player. As The Kid’s partner, she has a little more status than would be usual for a newer member of the Guild.


Alan drives the truck for The Kid and Kate.

The Truck

Grunge’s son, The Kid, drives around in a big 4×4 truck with his girlfriend, Kate. Their driver is Alan.


Edwardo (the Eagle) is an old boy in love with an old plane. He provides nominal air support where possible.

The Bird

The Bird is an old biplane Edwardo lovingly maintains for no discernible reason other than because he is in love with the old bird – it certainly does not provide much air cover when needed.

Basildon Bond

Basildon Bond is an Agent of the Republic of Blighty (Nord), with a license to steal foreign secrets, kill, and seduce – and not necessarily in that exact order, with the free reign that Bas has been given. Sometimes he is sent with Grunge Smith on missions, which annoys him no end. It also greatly annoys Grunge Smith and cramps his style somewhat. They get on fine outside of missions, and are sometimes found drinking together, but on missions their rivalry comes to the fore.